Garry's Mod


I've made several Garry's Mod addons. Cumulatively they have over a million downloads.

Currently the 16th most popular addon on the Garry's Mod workshop. It allows players to transform into various creatures and machines from different games.

Assists server owners in setting up workshop downloads. Scans addons and adds them to the client download list if they contain content.

Makes guns shoot objects other than bullets, such as props, ragdolls, or rockets.


A gamemode I made for a one week contest. It won! Allows you to drive a ragdoll around and punch other ragdolls. Pretty rough around the edges, but tons of fun.


Neither of these are really used by anyone, but they were both fun technical challenges.

This started as a joke in response to one of Garry Newman's blog posts. He said he'd use Javascript for Gmod's scripting language if he were to make it again. I became hell-bent on proving that was a terrible idea, so I implemented Google's V8 Javascript engine in Gmod. It included proxy objects that could be used to access Lua libraries from Javascript and vice-versa.

This was an attempt at making a highly customizable voxel module for Gmod. Voxel data storage and mesh generation are both handled by the module. It is able to handle trace-based player collisions, as well as generate physical meshes for use with the game's physics engine.

Space Station 13

I've spent way too much time trying to clone the game Space Station 13. It is an incredibly complex game about farting spacemen that runs on an obscenely unoptimized engine.

MineStation13 was an attempt to clone SS13 as a Minecraft mod. It was probably my most promising attempt.

Somnium13 was probably the most ambitious and insane attempt at fixing SS13. It involved reverse engineering BYOND's virtual machine and writing a thing I decided to call a transdecompiler. I managed to convert all of the code to C#, which actually compiled and functioned to some extent. I would like to continue working on this, but I currently have no help and many better things to do with my time.

Other Stuff